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When your car won't go, call Quik Tow

At Quik Tow, our diverse towing capabilities and vast service options complement our extensive experience. We recognize that this industry requires an emergency-based mindset, where expedient service is necessary.

Prepared and Passionately Proactive

As a vital part of our company’s success, dispatchers ensure that a member of our team is sent to your assistance properly equipped and in a timely manner. Quik Tow has proven itself as a firm with the expertise and experience that’s needed to consistently deliver reliable, high-quality services. Our precision makes every tow and recovery secure, while avoiding any potential damage.

Meet Our Fleet

Our diverse fleet is comprised of medium-duty, light-duty and flatbed tow trucks, each of which is tailored differently to tow and service an array of vehicles.


We fully understand that every towing and recovery situation is unique, which is why our team utilizes their expertise to personally evaluate every situation. This way, we can ensure that the proper personnel and vehicles are sent to assist our customers’ exclusive needs.